Thursday, August 11, 2011

Si Nanay, Si Tatay

Si Nanay si Tatay di co babayaan.
Balaquid na boot an sacuyang utang
Si pagdara saco nin siyam na bulan
Gatas cong  dinodo di co mabayadan.
Ay Nanay ay Tatay con ako humale,
Hihidawon mo man sa gabos mong aki
Macacoa ca man nin macacasangli
Dai macaarog kan sacong ugali
Ay Nanay ay Tatay kun ako maraot
Pogotan nin payo ibontog sa lawod
Con mahiling nindo na naganod-anod
Ay Nanay ay Tatay sapuda man tolos. 

Family: A Society

Family is said to be the basic unit of society. We know that it consists of a father, a mother and their children. They are the people living together through happiness and despite the hardships. Nothing and no one could bring them down.
But let us not limit ourselves to this as everyone and anyone could be our family. We have our friends who would always be willing to cheer us up and to whom we could share our secrets and ups and downs. We have our co-workers to whom we could share our views and opinions. We have our neighbors who would be there when you need someone to talk to.  We have our church mates to whom we could spend our spiritual views and activities. Most of all, we have God, our Almighty Father, who would always love us, not leave us. He is a part of our society as He created this society for us.
We have to learn how to value the people around us, the people in our society—in every society that we became a part of as they become our family—not just by blood nor flesh, but a family by heart.

Each family is a society. Each society is a family.          

A Closer Look to Filipino Family

Filipinos are known for strong family ties. Thus, extended family is the common type of family that could be observed in many Filipino homes.
An extended family as we know is the type of family in which there are two or more families living in one house. It may include the grandparents, or the uncles and aunts plus their kids living in one roof.
It is said that this is because each Filipino family does not want to be separated with each other. We may observe that it is common in the Philippines that a family lives in one compound, or in one house. And even when the children turn 18, they are still under the supervision of their parents. Well, it is true even when these children married and had their own family.
Let us face this reality in Filipinos’ way of handling families. Should we consider this an advantage or disadvantage? I am not against extended families as it also develops the closeness among family members and other relatives. However, a question has just come out of my mind: Does the strong family tie of Filipino make or break families?
With this strong tie, a member of the family would always be dependent—maybe to his parents or the parents to their children.
Because of the so-called love for their parents or kids, they are willing to violate the rules and laws. To steal just to feed and let someone live. To hurt other people just to defend a fault. To lie just to spare and protect a life.
This is the reality; most Filipinos would not bear to see a member of their family suffering—even if it is caused by their own fault. As long as they can do a thing to save a life and to protect the family’s reputation, they would do it all.


                                 He stands to protect
                                  Sets aside his happiness
                                To provide our needs

Stands to guide our path
Beacon that brightens our life 
Dear mom in my heart


The cold breeze of air filled my small room. I opened the window and realized that it’s already evening. Another day is about to end and I’m on to making my assignments and projects. Oh, I remember, I would still cook for dinner. Hmm.. it’s really hard to be alone. How could I forget this when it has been the same thing I do everyday. Argh. This life is making me sick.
I would waste my time again waiting my phone to ring. Yes, I’m expecting a call...from my busy parents. Oh, I hate this life, living away from them. I have no one to talk to, to ask about my assignment. I do not have a father who would cook for me and a mother who would wash my clothes. I missed it—the life I used to have.
It’s hard to live independently, especially when you are just 13. It feels like you are alone in your life. Your parents are busy working. Yes, you know it is to support your studies and financial needs. But you are still longing for their love and attention, for their presence.
They say I’m lucky. I’m studying in a good school, in a private school. We have a good shelter and we have sufficient needs. My parents have work and I can have most of the things that I want—material things—but not a family.
That’s what others think. They do not know how hard I strive to have good grades in order for them to notice and be proud of my performance. But then, I would wake up seeing the card on the table, beside an envelope—a reward. During the school’s family day, I was very excited as I may have time bonding with them. But as I open the door of the room I’m renting, I saw our maid carrying plenty of food in a basket and told me that my parents could not come. They would not be around even it’s my birthday. They would just come to give me a gift and would ask our maid to arrange a party. And they would not stay for long. Living this life is causing me pain. I find it hard to compete with their time.
I’m not saying that I hate my parents for this. I keep on opening my mind and understand them. But I feel like an orphan, longing to have a family who would be with me, who would guide and support me. I don’t really need material things, as I can have happiness when I spend time with them. I’m longing to have a home—not just a house.

Aklat ng Alaala

Punan mo ako ng iyong mga alaala
Malungkot man ito o masaya
At sa iyong pagtanda
Ika’y may babalikan
Mga sandaling tunay na kayamanan
Malulungkot na araw
Ngiti ang iiwan
Samantalang luha kapag
Masayang araw napagmasdan
Mga kupas na larawan
Salamin ng pamilyang
May matatag na samahan

This is one of the poems we created in our Creative Writing class under Mr. Jerome Hipolito. It tells about a photo album as reflection of the strong bond of a family. Tme flies so fast, but each moment that has passed will always be treasured in our hearts.